The Person vs The Performance

Dear Stranger,

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” – Maya Angelou

It has been a while, but as you know this beautiful thing called life has a habit of getting the way of even the most neatly laid plans. Not that I am complaining, every day that I draw breath is a blessing, but sometimes somewhere in the middle of it all I question whether it is me as a person or a performance?

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But God…

I have not always made the right decisions
My mistakes seem countless
But God always believed in me

I have demanded my own way
Made all the plans for my life
But God always did what was best for me

I have been angry and retaliated against the Lord
I yelled, I screamed and acted as I pleased
But God always forgave me

I have hidden my face from the Lord
Depressed and defeated by my shame
But God always welcomed me

Now I have joy and hope in my heart
Faith and trust in His word
Because God was and is always with me


God said bad company corrupts good morals.

The devil whispered they have no effect on you.

God said that friends will comfort and sympathize with you in times of trouble.

The devil whispered they must be busy, besides these are your problems not theirs.

God said treat others the way you want them to treat you.

The devil whispered, what can they do for you?

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Break The Silence

Dear Stranger

Children will say the strangest things at every opportunity they get. I have seen parents wish the ground would swallow them whole because their precious bundle of joy chose that precise moment to demonstrate how well they can speak. While most of us laugh it off as our hearts melt at their cuteness, their parents will do their best to explain why they shouldn’t repeat mommy’s conversation with her friends in public. However there are those moments when the words they say have the power to change everything and yet in those moments we do our best not to listen.

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Dear Stranger

Too often we say ‘Yes’ to things when we should have said ‘No’. In fact, just thinking about saying ‘No’ can leave people feeling uncomfortable, guilty even, that they would rather suffer silently after saying ‘Yes’. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about saying ‘No’ for the sake of saying ‘No’. I’m talking about those moments when you know in your heart you should have said ‘No’ and you spend every moment afterward putting yourself down, feeling trapped in a decision you wish you could take back.

Well I’m here to tell you it’s OK to say ‘No’. Better yet it’s OK to say ‘No’ and not give an reason. And incase you didn’t know, it’s OK to change your mind. Embrace it. Become familiar with it. When you able to say ‘No’, there is no burden in saying ‘Yes’ . 🙏❤️

Sex Sells right?

I have been going round in circles thinking about the best way to approach this topic, but I do know that many may not agree with me. I’m talking about Transactional Relationships. In other words men dating younger girls for some form of payment, which in recent years, has seen an increase in the reverse (for the sake of this post will focus on the former although it applies to both). In fact it has slowly become a widely known open secrete, which has taken on a degree of normalcy. However before I dive in, I must first place all this in context. Continue reading “Sex Sells right?”

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