Tobacco My Blesser

Tobacco my Blesser
I heard your name before I saw your face.
What mystery you possessed, I could hardly wait.

Tobacco My Blesser
What will it be like? I secretly ask.
Friends like me curious, but not brave enough to take a chance.

Tobacco my Blesser
We met today.
It was so alarming, I will never see you again.

Tobacco my Blesser
My friends say I should give you another chance, that you are not as bad as you seem.
They are right! Every breath is like the sweetest kiss of forbidden sin.

Tobacco My Blesser
You have a lot of powerful friends.
They take your money and present cases to your defence.

Tobacco My Blesser
Why do you tell everyone you are bad?
That makes no sense. Why do you stay if you should go away?

Tobacco my Blesser
It has been 10 years now and I can no longer deny
They weight on my chest and the pain in my lungs

Tobacco my blesser
I quit you today.
No longer will I take your abuse, allow you to hurt me in any way.

Tobacco my Blesser
I did not mean it, I’m sorry!
Everything hurts, I cannot think. Please take it all away.

Tobacco My Blesser
Did you get my message? I called last night and this morning too.
Will you go with me to the doctor?

Tobacco my Blesser
Hello, Hello are you there??
The doctor says I am sick and there is nothing they can do.

Tobacco My Blesser
To my surprise he ask about you by name, said he had seen your signature before.
Battered and bruised on the inside, not even my soul was spared.

Tobacco my Blesser
Can you help me out?
There is not enough money to pay all the hospital bills.

Tobacco My blesser
Are you serious?
No I do not need another cigarette, I thought you were my friend.

Tobacco my Blesser
My body gave up. I could not hang on anymore.
Will you come to my funeral and check on my family and friends?

Tobacco My blesser
So this is who you were?? Full of hot air and false promises??
I thought we had a bond, at least to me you would be fair.

Tobacco my Blesser
This was your fault!
Where are you? Where were you?

Tobacco my Blesser
Tobacco my blesser
You blessed me with DEATH!

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