I Shall Wait


We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

-Joseph Campbell


Dear Stranger

It is not easy to watch your friends and family members (even enemies) find love, get married and start families of their own. Yet the most you speak of it what you would if it were you. Sounds familiar?

Years ago a friend of mine was dating a young man who attended the same church as us. At first everything was sunshine and roses, even I would swoon as she narrated yet another one of his romantic gestures. Sadly it was not long before the cracks began to show. He was not the man of God he portrayed himself to be but rather he hid behind God while carrying on as he pleased.

Naturally I assumed that this would mark the end of their relationship but to my surprise, they appeared to be going stronger than ever. Then one day, after yet another incident, I asked why she let him treat her that way? She said,  “he does not mean any of it, he is just going through a phase and once we get married, he will change. Besides, I’m too old to look for someone else and all my friends are getting married”. Her response left me speechless.

The following Sunday as I listened to the word and watched my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ interact afterwards, I realised that she may not be the only one. Not that this is what they were all going through but that being in church did not exempt you from it.

As Christians, we sometimes start to believe that we are above it all, that we forget to guard against it all. We are quick to say that we will wait on the Lord, but what we don’t say is how we place conditions on God of what we would like Him to do and when we would like Him to do it. Without realising it, we become desperate, willing to accept anything and anyone who will give us a second glance. Then we turn around and justify why this person must be our answer from God.

But I ask, what if God is making you wait because the person He has chosen for you is not ready? That if he were to let you meet or be together now, it would only result in pain? Lastly are we so sure in ourselves that it is not possible for God to still be changing something in us?

You (myself included) may be tired of hearing how you should wait. It is not easy and at times it seems unfair. During those times remember this, whatever plans you have for yourself, God’s will ALWAYS be greater.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment.

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“We were given this hope when we were saved. (If we already have something, we don’t need to hope for it. But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently.)”

Romans 8:24-25

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