Ditch The Box

“What we think, we become”

Gautama Buddha

Dear Stranger

My mother, like many people out there, always had a need for boxes. Whether it was for storage or to move items around the house, there was always a box on hand. However once box was full, it was full. The same can be said for the boxes we create in life. Once its limits have been reached, they cannot be exceed.

I was in the first grade when my parents were asked to consider having me repeat the grade. My teacher meant no harm but was concerned that there was something psychologically wrong with me. I have never asked what specifically was said but I know my parents said no. They believed I just needed time to adjust.

I was a painfully shy girl who barely spoke and avoided human interaction like the plague. As I grew up I had already set my limitations and was determined to live within them. I used these limitations as measure of what I was or was not capable of, without even trying. Little did I know that life had other plans for me.

I slowly began to realise, I could not achieve my dreams living within the confines of my boundaries. I realised that I am shy as I am bold, I am soft spoken as I am out spoken and that I am afraid as much as I am brave. Despite the contradictions, it all made sense. Do not get me wrong, we all have persistent character traits that we have that speak to the type of person that we are. However as we go through life we constantly exploring our likes and dislikes, some changing while others stay the same. It is how we grow, and challenge ourselves as we navigate through life.

The reality is we are all living and walking contradictions. A person is not defined by a single moment but a series of moments throughout their life. When you accept this, the chains of perceived notions of what you should be fall away and you begin to explore all the possibilities.

So I say ditch the box. You are more than what you think you are. Dare to dream and dream big, challenge all you thought you knew about yourself. Be bold and brave and yes be ready to fail. It is through all our experiences we are able to grow and truly be ourselves. So next time when they ask “Why?” trying to keep you within the confines of your box, ask them “Why not?”.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment.

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I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made

Psalm 139:14

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