Another weight-loss challenge???

Dear Stranger

Why does losing weight always feel like mission impossible? Or is it just me? There is not a diet I have not tried or considered but when you are a grade A foodie, failure is often not far off.

My battle with weight-loss began in my third year of university. Suddenly I went from eating whatever I wanted and nothing happening, to 2 sizes bigger in one semester. By the time I hit my 24th birthday, I was 60kg, feeling as round as the donuts I ate. I know, 60kg may not seem like a lot but I’m only 1.5m tall (rounded off) and barely go grocery shopping without assistance. That is another thing, why is there no one to assist you when you need to reach the top shelf?? But I digress.

It was then I made a vow that by my 25th birthday I would have lost it all AND I DID! The problem was, once I reach my goal I went back to old habits. Hands up if you have experienced the same? As you can imagine I gained it all back and then some. Now at 28, heavier than I have ever been, I will attempt to lose weight 100th time.

What is different this time you may wonder? Well for the first time I’m acknowledging what food means to me. Often when we are sold one weight-loss programme or another, yet very few address what food may actually mean. To me food was/is happiness. It matters not that I am feeling good or bad, food remains happiness. Yet I realize I have confused the joy of eating with being the source of my joy.

However what is also true, as the numbers of the scale begin to rise, so too does our need to seek joy even in the most unhealthy of ways. You see the problem a lot of us face is we assume that our problems can be fixed without actually addressing them. So we find comfort in the wrong place or make grand resolutions, when in fact the solutions lie far deeper than we are willing to admit.

What then???

Well in order to get your body right, you need to get you mind right as well. Without it, sustainable change will be difficult. As for me, I have started reading my bible, set myself a one year yoga challenge and left my sister in charge of my diet(She loves to eat healthy). I accept it will be difficult, that I will not get it right all the time but it is progress not perfect that I seek.

What are you thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment.

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